We adhere to the 

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America 

Ethics Guidelines.


German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America

Guidelines for Responsible Breeders

     These guidelines have been established in accordance with the objectives of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America and are intended to protect and advance the German Shorthaired Pointer by maintaining high breed standards, responsible breeding practices and integrity in dealing with purchasers of the GSPs.

Breeders of German Shorthaired Pointers agree 

to follow these guidelines:


a. Maintain high standards of canine health, including cleanliness of facilities and veterinary care.

b. Properly socialize dogs and puppies.

c. Breed only with the intention of maintaining the conformation and performance standards of the breed.

d. Breed only healthy, mature dogs and bitches of good temperament and qualities substantially conforming to the official standard of the GSP.

e. Breed only dogs or bitches that have been tested clear of hereditary diseases and defects.

f. Refuse stud service to any bitch which is obviously inferior in quality or temperament, or does not have documented hip, eye and heart evaluations or is not registered with the American Kennel Club.

g. Do not breed any bitch more then twice in any two-year period.


a. Do not sell or consign puppies or adult dogs to pet shops, brokers, or other commercial dealers, nor offer them as raffle prizes or for auction.

b. Do not auction or raffle stud service.

c. Honestly evaluate the quality of each German Shorthaired Pointer sold, fairly representing field and/or show potential, its possible faults and make the buyer aware of the distinction between pet quality and show quality.

d. Do not release any puppies for sale before they are eight weeks of age or as mandated by state law.

e. Furnish the buyer with a pedigree, AKC registration application, medical and immunization records, feeding schedule and general care instructions.

f. Screen prospective buyers to assure that puppies will have the proper home and environment.

g. Encourage purchasers of pet quality puppies, or those not intended to be used for breeding, to spay/neuter the animal at the earliest age suggested by their veterinarian.

h. Sell all pet quality puppies on limited registrations and/or spay/neuter contracts.

i. Do not misrepresent in advertising, any dog or puppy for sale, or include misleading information regarding the background or potential of the animal.

j. Provide the purchaser with a written contract offering to refund the purchase price or replace any puppy found to have a disabling or life threatening defect which prevents the dog from fulfilling it’s purpose.

k. Provide the purchaser with copies of health certifications of sire and dam if requested.

l. Assist in the placement of any dog sired by your stud dog whose breeder of record has refused to helpin such placement of said dog.

m. Follow up on puppies after the sale to insure their continued care.

n. Accept the return of any dog one has bred or assist in the placement of said dog.

o. Encourage puppy buyers to participate in German Shorthaired Pointer activities such as hunt tests, obedience trials, field trials, tracking tests, agility and conformation shows and recommend membership in local GSP clubs as well as the GSPCA.